Campaign for Shalom

"You shall not appear empty-handed, but with your own gift, according to the blessing that God has bestowed upon you." (Deuteronomy 16:16-17)


In Judaism, tzedakah is fundamental to our faith. Congregation Shalom asks you to consider how you might help fulfill this mitzvah. Your gifts help ensure that our community provides: 

  • meaingful and inspiring worship services, 
  • stimulating educational opportunities for children and adults, 
  • Jewish cultural programming; connection and caring for our congregational community,
  • fulfillment of our commitment to tikkun olam (repairing the world),  
  • K'Lal Israel (the Jewish community worldwide),  
  • membership to all who wish to join regardless of ability to pay full dues/fees,  
  • and maintenance of our beautiful building.  

Giving Opportunities  



Fund Card Donations   $18 Minimum Online    DONATE ONLINE 
Simcha Tree Leaf  $250  
Yahrzeit Plaque  $540  
Congregational Dinners      
Summer Music Kaleidoscope             
Legacy Giving     

For your convenience, you may make a Fund Card donation on line. All other donations can be made by mail, or by calling the office. For additional information regarding gift-giving opportunities, please contact Linda Holifield, Executive Director at (414) 352-9288 or [email protected]



 "We live on through the acts of goodness we perform. We are enriched by the acts of goodness performed by others. It is our obligation to provide for those to come. Giving is a blessing that binds us to the past and to the future."


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