Shabbat Service with guest speakers Gary Levy and Rinat Sharon

Gary Levy is Dror's International Director of Collaborations.  Dror itself is a movement of Israelis that believes a civil society is one that embraces all Israelis - Jews, Arabs, Ethiopians and all minorities, treating them civilly and fairly.  Its educational, sports and human service programs promote dialogue and understanding among young people and their families. They are innovating the kibbutz movement, creating Educators' Kibbuitzim in cities, large and small, throughout the country. They are doing something very special, that no one else is doing in the way they do it: bringing back a pioneering spirit to Israel in the 21st century. In addition to talking about this new/renewed Zionism as well as Dror itself and also this new Kibbutz movement, Gary's subjects of personal interest and expertise include:

*  Current mood of the country from Dror's perspective

*  Engaging youth at risk in a meaningful educational process to maximize their potential

*  Preparing youth at risk for service in the IDF

*  The impact of Dror's educational system on future leaders of Israel

*  Why youth movments are important to creating a civil sociey in Isarel

For more information, visit Dror Israel's website:

Gary Levy, 44, B.Ed, father of two, was born in London, England and made Aliya with his parents as a young baby. Levy joined the Noar HaOved VeHalomed youth movement as a child and at 18 completed his year of service in the youth movement, working with children and teens. He served for three and a half years in an IDF combat unit as a commander. At 23, with a group of friends, he moved to Kibbutz Ravid in the Galilee, which had been abandoned by a previous group, and established it as the first educational kibbutz in Israel. Since then, Levy has been part of the leadership of Dror Israel, working with over 1,000 young adults to establish 15 new educational kibbutzim in Israel’s social and geographical periphery.

Rinat Sharon, 37, B.Ed. Was born and raised in Israel. From a young age she has been part in HaNoar HaOved VeHalomed youth movement activities as a young counselor and during a year of service before the army she established the youth movement's branch in Zichron Yaakov. She served in the army for two and half years in various educational roles.

During the following years she led one of the districts of the youth movement's activities and became a teacher and a youth and young adults' guide to Poland and Holocaust memorial trips.

Today, she leads Dror's Educators Training Program which allows young adults with youth movement experience to combine their field-gained knowledge and theoretical studies in education and social challenges. Graduates of this Program are certified as teachers and educators and improve the quality and increase the amount of education in Israel.

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